Authoring notes

I need Jotting down a new note to be easy and familiar, so there are a few problems I'd like to solve:

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This is where I collect my thoughts. Inspired by Andy Matuschak and, in some ways, the Zettelkasten - I jot down my thoughts and make no attempt to index them. There is no list of recent posts. They are only discoverable when they are linked to and from. Here is what I'm currently working on / thinking about: A new BASIC programming language Incremental progress Building jot Authoring notes This collection contains {notes} notes linked together {links} times with {words} total words.

Jotting down a new note

In Genesis I remarked that the hardest part of building a new note was figuring out the filename. npm run jot now builds a file titled like this automatically. TIL the date command.

  "scripts": {
    "jot": "touch notes/$(date '+%Y%m%d%H%M%S')"

I can now backlink (Backlinks) files with [[]], but I'm not rendering anything yet.

I'd like to now think about what I want to build What I wish this to be

Creating notes in context

Ideally, I begin typing [[title]] and click it to create a new note (and begin editing it). This is readily available in Bear

The idea being that I lay down a framework and expand on it after.

(Currently I leave a placeholder, run npm run jot, and replace the placeholder with the filename)

I bet I can fork vscode-markdown-notes to make this happen.

Alternatively... maybe I can Extend npm run jot

Referencing notes easily

Backlinks are important to me, but finding the backlink is... not trivial.

It seems fair to have [[ begin auto-completing titles of notes. Once again vscode-markdown-notes can likely help here.

I was able to accomplish this without too much effort by Building an extension.