This is where I collect my thoughts. Inspired by Andy Matuschak and, in some ways, the Zettelkasten - I jot down my thoughts and make no attempt to index them.

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Here is what I'm currently working on / thinking about:

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A new BASIC programming language

I, like many other programmers, first learned to write computer code with some variation of BASIC. To be precise - I wrote my first programs in TI-Basic during algebra class and then graduated onto Visual Basic my freshman year of high school. I found QBASIC somewhere in the midst of that before moving onto Python.

It's weird to me that a lot people learn what I believe to be much harder programming languages. JavaScript, while ubiquitous, has at least 4 ways to make a new function and as many ways to define a new variable. Bring in pattern-matching, and suddenly it's tough to keep track of all the braces.

So, I'd like to bring BASIC back (though, to be fair, it never actually left).

FUNCTION factorial(N)
  IF N = 1
    RETURN 1
    RETURN N * factorial (N - 1)


I want a language with incredibly Simple syntax and the ability to quickly and natively create Command-line programs, Drawing programs and Web programs.

Later on, I want to allow others to make different types of program templates (for things outside of command-line and web that I haven't thought about!) and Editor integrations.

Incremental progress

I'm finding myself weirdly mindful of - and emotionally attached to - making "progress" in everything I do. I love how I can read just a few pages in a book, and nothing can take those few pages of progress away from me. I can walk away, pick up the book a little later, and still be a few pages ahead. I'm not transfixed on finishing the book (but with enough progress, I will!) but instead content with progress.

When writing notes such as these, the idea of incrementally progressing towards a vast collection of writing is wonderfully motivating. Only I can delete a word, a sentence, or an entire post.

This is not a novel observation of course - in fact it's been successfully gamified (ever get lost for several hours playing Cookie Clicker?)

Building jot

Notes will be markdown, I'll probably use Marked (EDIT: I went with react-markdown)

Looking around for info on [[]], it looks like this is commonly referred to as "Wiki links" and there are some nice tools for using them in VSCode.

Don't know how long I'll be writing notes in VSCode though, so I'll sort of ignore for now. I just wanna see how easily I can parse them.

Some collected notes on progess:

Authoring notes

I need Jotting down a new note to be easy and familiar, so there are a few problems I'd like to solve: