Unsure if I'd like to backlink with [[20201017094627]] or [[Genesis]]

Titles should probably be unique, right? Will that cause issue?

I'm thinking when writing on the web, I'll want to hit [[ and autocomplete with a title.

...Why not both?

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Jotting down a new note
In Genesis I remarked that the hardest part of building a new note was figuring out the filename. npm run jot now builds a file titled like this automatically. TIL the date command. { "scripts": { "jot": "touch notes/$(date '+%Y%m%d%H%M%S')" } } I can now backlink (Backlinks) files with [[]], but I'm not rendering anything yet. I'd like to now think about what I want to build What I wish this to be
44 minutes in
44 minutes in I'm now able to read in my posts and parse Backlinks. I had to learn negative lookbehinds to do this since I wanted to allow code samples such as [[foo]] untouched. Works similarly to lookahead which I'm familiar with. I'd like to write this out to HTML somehow to prototype an interface, then I'll build forward links. Committing and taking a break for now.
Referencing notes easily
Backlinks are important to me, but finding the backlink is... not trivial. It seems fair to have [[ begin auto-completing titles of notes. Once again vscode-markdown-notes can likely help here. I was able to accomplish this without too much effort by Building an extension.