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44 minutes in I'm now able to read in my posts and parse Backlinks. I had to learn negative lookbehinds to do this since I wanted to allow code samples such as [[foo]] untouched. Works similarly to lookahead which I'm familiar with.

I'd like to write this out to HTML somehow to prototype an interface, then I'll build forward links. Committing and taking a break for now.

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Building jot
Notes will be markdown, I'll probably use Marked (EDIT: I went with react-markdown) Looking around for info on [[]], it looks like this is commonly referred to as "Wiki links" and there are some nice tools for using them in VSCode. Don't know how long I'll be writing notes in VSCode though, so I'll sort of ignore for now. I just wanna see how easily I can parse them. Some collected notes on progess: Node.js fs promises 44 minutes in Displaying the notes Hello, next! Links out, links in


Unsure if I'd like to backlink with [[20201017094627]] or [[Genesis]]

Titles should probably be unique, right? Will that cause issue?

I'm thinking when writing on the web, I'll want to hit [[ and autocomplete with a title.

...Why not both?