Six notes in

I guess based on filename alone (Genesis) I've been writing for 18 minutes. I'm not really building a habit yet (but will be soon What I wish this to be), but that's enough data(?) to start rendering this and seeing how backlinks (and forward links I suppose!) behave.

Let's commit.


This first note was created by making a new directory, notes, and placing a textfile titled 20201017094627 inside of it. I am typing in it now.

Creating the filename was the hardest part, let's build a script to help. Jotting down a new note

I am documenting some of the process in Building jot.

What I wish this to be

Some of the problems I'd like to solve with notes like these

  • Blog posts have too much ceremony around them
  • Tweets are ephemeral (In fact, I delete mine regularly)
  • I should do this regularly (related to 1 and 2)

From a technical point of view

See also What I do not wish this to be