What I do not wish this to be

Some guiding failure modes

  • A product (at least for now, I'm not really interested in figuring out and solving for different use-cases)
  • An exercise in self-promotion, I'd like to build this for me
  • Writing notes should not be time-consuming
  • Writing notes should not require an upfront cost
  • Writing notes should not require a maintenance cost
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What I wish this to be
Some of the problems I'd like to solve with notes like these Blog posts have too much ceremony around them Tweets are ephemeral (In fact, I delete mine regularly) I should do this regularly (related to 1 and 2) From a technical point of view Build interesting tools for authoring posts Learn some of the strengths and weaknesses of Next.js Figure out an interesting deployment strategy (domains, servers, etc) See also What I do not wish this to be
Where do notes find themselves?
Possibly nowhere. Notes are expected to be one-off, atomic, and a place for me to expand on things I am thinking about. More on this in What I wish this to be. But, importantly, notes are connected to one another. This is an interesting mechanism for re-purposing past thoughts, and allowing myself to Expand later. It is also a curse. There is a certain "baggage" to writing down a new note, which is very much What I do not wish this to be. Instead, I'd like to just write. Maybe I'll link this somewhere, maybe I'll expand upon it later. I don't know. Maybe I'll orphan it, only visible from the "Referenced in:" sections from the posts above.